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Longtime Virginian originally from the West with an interest in food and drink from both places as well as vintage cocktails.

Old Ike’s Cowboy Chili

This chili recipe was given to me by an in-law who supposedly learned it from an old Utah cowboy named Ike. According to the story Ike always had the same pot of it simmering on the stove in his trailer and just kept adding ingredients … Continue reading

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The Chimayo Cocktail

One of my favorite restaurants, Rancho de Chimayo in Chimayo, NM, makes a very interesting apple cider based cocktail, the only one I’ve ever had.  One doesn’t normally associate fresh apple cider with booze but this concoction works really well.  The bar … Continue reading

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Fusion Cabbage and Mushroom Pho

Decided some Asian soup would be good on a cold Winter night so made a fusion pho.  Funny since Vietnam’s not really a cold place.  Rather than boil beef bones all day I make a shortcut pho broth from supermarket … Continue reading

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